Managed Services

Monitor the pulse of your entire system's infrastructure while enhancing server uptime.

managed services omahaUsing WRK's enhanced administrative framework, we will provide thorough and ongoing monitoring of critical systems. With this service you'll know everything about your infrastructure including equipment, applications and network, as well as incoming and outgoing traffic before problems arise.

Experience the power of MSP.

With MSP you can measure, analyze, diagnose and resolve performance issues by viewing an integrated, real-time dashboard with a full complement of graphic-rich reports that be automatically generated, scheduled or on-demand. MSP Agents can be installed in a single day and require minimum effort from your team.

Our proactive network systems management offers a multitude of vital benefits:

  • Convenient server and desktop administration

  • Asset Inventory and Licensing audits that will keep your network up to date 

  • User and Domain Policy management 

  • Easy-to use interface reduces the learning curve and consolidates information into one comprehensive view

  • Store, trend and report an array of performance statistics

  • Comprehensive reporting across vast hardware and software configuration

  • Patch management that scans for missing patches on variety of common products

  • Operating system technical support that monitors and discovers faults and takes action for resolution

  • Generate and transmit notification alerts when critical events occur

  • Intrusion monitoring of login/logout activity by user and device, failed logins and account modification activity

  • Firewall monitoring that reports on performance, configuration changes, VPN issues and DOS attacks

  • Managed Endpoint Anti-Virus

Your critical systems will be secure with us.

Our Perimiter Security Management allows us to provide your computing environment the highest level of protection and compliance.

We configure and manage all of your security layers, which include:

  • Firewall Management and Reporting
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Managed Ant-Virus / Anti-Spyware
  • Email Security
  • VPN Monitoring
  • Content Filtering