Mobile Device Management

Gain access to data when and where you need it – secure and worry free.

Accessing business data and applications on mobile devices can be essential, and difficult to manage. WRK’s Mobile Device Management and Mobility Services keeps updates current and implements accessibility and security policies for more control over your mobile network.

WRK's secure wireless infrastuctures offer:

  • Sonicwall / Cisco Wireless Solutions
  • Wirelss Implementation
  • Citrix "Thin" delivery
  • Management

Mobile Device Management keeps your mobility organized and in control.

Users are becoming increasingly mobile, and with the proliferation of Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD), critical business data is being dragged along with them. Organizations are increasingly finding their users accessing email, documents and applications on smartphones, tablets and notebooks, requiring them to extend robust IT systems management controls and security policies to mobile devices.

Benefit from a wider view of remote managed devices.

Audit and Inventory is a core benefit of WRK's MSP Framework. With the inclusion of mobile device management, our customers now have an even wider view of remote managed devices. Our Profile Management allows administrators to standardize and deploy connectivity, security and application settings over the air and thus removes manual configuration procedures while increasing user productivity.

Profile Management benefits include:

  • Security settings including pin required, maximum failed attempts and strong passwords
  • MSP Server check-in settings including time interval, geo tracking and Wi-Fi only
  • Activate or Inactivate factory default options and applications
  • Assign profiles to one or many mobile devices over the air
  • Updated device information on request
  • Convenient management reports